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Welcome to our Farm

Magic Flowers is a family business with over 20 years of history and heritage, located on the coast of beautiful Ecuador. The tropical flower farm is owned and managed by Maria and Esteban Saenz, who met 25 years ago. Their love for nature and passion for farming led to founding their business as a team. Esteban is a professional agronomist, the leader and manager of production, while Maria directs sales & exports.

The primary aim of Magic Flowers is to provide the world with a great selection of unique, long-lasting tropical flowers. 

The farm maintains rigorous traceability of the production process. The constant coaching and control reflects the immense care behind each step of production, collection and post-harvest, and ensures outstanding quality.

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Farm Tours

Hacienda Palo Santo, brings visitors the opportunity to learn about the daily functioning of an innovative agricultural family business. Within the 250 hectar plantation, guests may visit 4 different types of crops: cocoa, coffee, banana and tropical flowers. 


Moments from the farm

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